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Why Tint?

  • High Infrared Heat and UV Rejection

  • Maximum Performance

  • Nano Ceramic Technology

  • Uncompromising Looks

  • High Optical Clarity, Low Reflectivity and Black Finish

  • No GPS, Satellite Radio, or Cell Phone Interference

  • Color Stable

  • Will not Fade or Corrode

  • Media Friendly

  • Metal Free

  • Limited Lifetime Automotive Warranty

Our Products

Global's QDP Ceramic film is revolutionizing the window film business. Global's QDP Ceramic film is a next generation automotive film that fuses color stable polyester with nano ceramic particles. This hybrid combination delivers outstanding infrared heat rejection and uncompromising looks.

Our Process

Our Competition

Some competitors use a poor quality tint film. Using such a low quality product results in fading, discoloration, and peeling in a relatively short period of time. This is a waste of the customer's money. At C&G we use GeoShield's superior, high quality ProNano Ceramic tint film, backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A comparison of our products versus some of our competitors is provided below.

Auto Tinting

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