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How much are the various products and services?

The auto tinting and auto accessories pricing varies depending upon vehicle make and model, the type of tinting product preferred, and the number windows desired to be tinted. Our building tinting product and service depends on the size and number of the windows. Good estimates for all of our products and services can be given after answering just a few questions over the phone. Our phone number is 337-534-4308.

What are the advantages of having your windows tinted?

It preserves your interior, protects from Ultra Violet sun rays, rejects heat, and secures personal items.

Does the window tinting have a warranty?

Yes, all tinted windows have a life time warranty.

How long are the window tinting warranties for?

It's a life time warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

It covers scratches, peels, fades, or bubbles.

What is the darkest level of tint that is legal in Louisiana?

The darkest level of automotive tint that is legal in the state of Louisiana is 40%. For more questions about  illegal or legal tint, please call C&G at 337-534-4308.

Can I roll down the windows after it is finished?

You may roll down your windows after waiting 3 to 5 days to let them dry.

What do I use to clean my newly tinted windows?

Clean your newly tinted windows with cleaners that are ammonia free.

Will the water bubbles on the newly tinted windows go away?

Yes, the water bubbles will go away once the window completely dries.

What are the legal tint limits for tinted windows?

Legal limit for a car is down to 40% on front door windows, 25% on backdoor windows or quarter windows, and down to 12% on back glass. Legal limit for trucks, SUVs, and vans is down to 40% on front door windows and any percent on the rear windows.

What causes film to change colors and bubble up?

Cheap window tint films.

What is a ceramic film?

A ceramic film is a window tint film that gives you more heat rejection than your standard films and will not interfere with GPS or radio antennas.

What kinds of films do you use?

We use the Geoshield Pro Classic and the Geoshield Pronano Ceramic films.

Who are some of your customers?

We serve ANY and all customers' vehicles (personal or commercial), but some of our repeat customers include some of Acadiana's most trusted car dealerships: Acadiana Dodge, Acadiana Mazda, Southwest Volkswagen, and Infinity of Lafayette. You can also check out our Reviews.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.

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